dimanche 27 avril 2014


Summer is around the corner. No, actually I believe it comes and stays now to somebody. To stay in fashion in hot days, some people start to pay much attention to search suitable summer clothes, T-shirts, for example. Choies knows what people are looking for and introduces some different T-shirts to light up your summer days. Different designs can make you become the most eye-catching one even among a big crowd.

Here is the Skull T-shirts Series.



                                     Green Fracturing Texture Blouse



                                                Blue National Style Oversize Blouse


                                                            Green National Style Oversize Blouse


                                                               Abstract Print Skate Dress



                                                                  Abstract Woman Print Shift Dress


                                         Mint Blue Shift Dress With Sequin Detail

                                                            Black Shift Dress With Sequin Detail


                              Unisex Black T-shirt With 98 and Letters Print


                                       Unisex Black 00 Pattern T-shirt With Zip Side


                Unisex Black N and Leaf Pattern T-shirt With Zip Detail



                                                             Unisex Floral T-shirt


                                                Unisex Floral Stripe T-shirt


                                                 Unisex T-shirt With Lion Print


                                           Unisex T-shirt With Skull and Letter Print

                                                Unisex T-shirt With Leopard Print

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