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Choies  is a global website destination for fashion-forward and IN girls to shop clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Our mission is to bring heart to commerce and become the better origin of fashion inspiration. Our goal is to inspire and be inspired by cool girls all over the world.

Record Your Inspired Fashion:



Choies  walks you along the Fresh Spring, Hot Summer, Golden Autumn and Cool Winter. Many years later, we will still be together in fashion sense. We are trying to tell you the secret of Street Fashion. It is an attitude, a kind of gesture towards life.

Our young buyers always want to find something that is unique, special, and different. Here you just come to the right place. Choies is stocked weekly with all kinds of trendy and stylish designs that will refresh your wardrobe and your mind as well.
Don't know where to begin? Go through our catalogs and check the products on, read our fashion blogs, chat with us on Facebook or Twitter or you may go directly to have a live chat with our customer care department. Sign up to receive email notification of the latest fashion hints, exclusive online offers, and what's more, 1500 shopping points (worth $15) + chances to get all kinds of giveaways.

Dress to Impress! Why Choies?

The name CHOIES was inspired by a Common Casual Chat:
"You are going to make a choice?!"
"A choice? YES!"
Then here comes the name: CHOIES!
---Life is actually a kind of choice
---The steering wheel is in your hands
---So is fashion, and so it is!

What are you waiting for? Just Get Your Fashion Party Started together with Choies


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Special birthday gift.
And More...
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